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Why I Won’t Wish You a Happy New Year

The Hope Humanity Truly Needs This Christmas

Jesus Isn’t Just a Cute Baby in a Manger

My Message to Men Who Find It Hard to Follow Jesus

What I’ll Say When I Stand Before God

My Message to Anyone Who Feels Lost, Confused, Empty, or Hopeless

Rejecting the Outcome of God’s Election

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My Message to You About the Greatest Deception in America

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Media Doomsayers Failed to Heal America. Let’s Try These 4 Things Instead

Let's Talk About What It Really Feels Like to Get Older

There's Nothing Progressive About Sexualizing Children

Let's Talk About America's Irrational Obsession and What Really Threatens Us All

When Religion Is Twisted and Deceitful

What No Political Pundit Will Say About Liz Cheney and Other Politicians

My Message to a Lost and Perverse Generation

FBI Now Stands for Full Blown Intimidators

My Cynical Gut-Reaction to the Death of Choco Taco

My Message to Anyone Fighting Back Against Depravity in America

Why They Really Hate Clarence Thomas

The Two Things We Have to Do to Defeat the Evil Gripping America

My Message to Anyone Who’s Been Wounded by 'God’s People'

I Witnessed a True Demonic Deliverance [Excerpt from 'Your Daily Phil']

What I Want to Tell CNN Right Now About the President & Congress

It Ain't the Guns, Brother

God Wants to Forgive America

What I Want You to Know About Deadly Shootings & the Broken Culture of America

My Answer to the Most Crucial Question in the Abortion Debate

The God in the Boat

If I’m an Extremist, This Is Why

What Miss Kay Tells People About My Past

Once a Year Is Not Enough for Me

We Don’t Have Time to Be Arrogant and Self-Centered

Don’t Be Like Them. Virtue Signaling Is a Deadly Game.

Don’t Let the Media Stoke Your Fears About Putin, Ukraine, and World War III

My Answer to a Russian or Chinese Attack on America

What I Want to Tell Vladimir Putin Right Now

I’m Not Throwing in the Towel on America Yet

I Don’t Care What Despicable Things Celebrities Say — I’m Not for Canceling ANYONE

Canceling Whoopi Goldberg Is the Last Thing We Should Want

American Entitlement Culture Comes Home to Roost

I’m Not a Politician, But Here’s My Agenda

Why Cancel Culture Can't Touch Me [Chapter Three of 'Uncanceled']

My Challenge to You in Post-Christian America

The End of American Civilization as We Know It